Monday, September 11, 2017

Our First Day of Kindergarten!

Welcome, Kindergarten Families! 
Just in case the extent of what you heard about our day was what we had for snack, here are a few photos to give you a peek into our first day together!

We started the day by exploring our surroundings. We painted coffee filters individually that will become a part of a group project later. (Learning to work as a group!)
We had our first morning circle where we learned about our weekly jobs and played a name game with Ms. Sara. (Discovering our community.)

For centers, we explored all the materials available to us from the art shelves, dramatic play area, and block area. We spent about 15 minutes in each space before moving on to the next.

Right away, we observed rich conversations, and connections being made. We held a meeting after centers and discussed what went well and what may need improvement. (Creating a sense of ownership in our classroom.)  How did we feel in each space? Our little group had some great ideas to share. We found it might not be a great idea for everyone to be in dramatic play at the same time. (There are only about 8 inches in the dramatic play area and 100 in the block area!) ๐Ÿ˜ŠWhat should we do about that?  These were the first steps to developing an agreement on how to best learn and be safe in our classroom. (More of that in the coming weeks.) 

We started working on our first self portraits of the year! Today, we had our upper bodies traced and added details to make them look like us!
We even have a friend who's first day of Kindergarten  landed on his Birthday! 

We were quite eager to get outside and move in big ways! 
We foraged for an extra snack in the garden and on the vine! 
We had a great first day in Kindergarten with these wonderful kiddos. We hope that's the story you heard too. ๐Ÿ˜Š

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