Sunday, October 8, 2017

Learning the Ropes

September was a great month for getting to know each other and get familiar with our various routines.

We got started right away with our learning center routine and have now had several weeks to practice and see how much we can learn during this time. During center time we focus on literacy and math concepts, but also have the opportunity to practice following directions, sharing, taking turns, and working together, as well as independently.  

As teachers, this has been an invaluable time to observe children in their ability to work in a group and also see their math and literacy skills.

~September Math Centers~
We spent some time exploring the math manipulatives we will be using this year.  Working with unifix cubes led us to counting, patterning, and using lots of great mathematical language, such as, "you have three more than me", "mine is equal to hers", "this tower is the longest". 

We love playing games as a way of learning math. We are working on subitizing (the ability to know how many just by looking without counting), which led to some great games with dice, dominoes and other dot patterns. 

In addition, we worked on recognizing and writing numbers one through 10.

~September Literacy Centers~
Our literacy focus has been all about letters! 

We have been writing our names and naming each letter in our name.  We also can’t help but learn the letters in our friend’s names.  

We have been spending some time reading ABC books and creating our own.  This helps us build our knowledge about the beginning sounds of words.  
We are very proud of our Kindergartners and how well they have adjusted to a new routine! 

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