Sunday, January 7, 2018

Happy New Year! (Part 1)

Wow! It feels as though we should be saying "Happy Thanksgiving" or "Merry Christmas", but here we are in a new year already. Here's what we have been up to in Kindergarten in the past couple of months. 
In November, we were busy planning and preparing for our Thanksgiving Feast. From start to finish, we decided what it meant to have a "celebration", what we would want to include in that celebration, and got busy making it happen.

We made decorations, wrote a menu, made the food and invited our families to our special event.

The day of our event was exciting. We decorated the Davis room and patiently awaited the arrival of our families. 
After seating our families, we performed for them, then each had a job serving them before we served ourselves. Again, a lot of patience was required! 

We were happy to join our families for the feast,  give them our "thankful" gifts...

  ...and eat some of the delicious meal we made. 
It was an event worth dancing about!

All the while, throughout the month, we practiced skills like collaboration, organization, and decision making; practiced writing and learned new vocabulary; shared our creativity through our ideas and artwork; practiced math through measuring ingredients, and so much more!

Stay tuned as we give you a glimpse into the month of December and what's happening now. 

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