Monday, November 6, 2017

Color Investigation

Last month, we finished our first investigation: an exploration of color. 
We began by talking about what we knew about colors and what we wondered. 
We set out watercolors to explore mixing and observing how they changed. Did we form new colors when we mixed two? What if we mixed more than two? 
It was fun creating new colors. We decided to freeze some of them in the ice trays we used to mix and save them to paint with colored ice! 

We explored color science! We predicted what we thought might happen when we dropped food coloring into milk. Unlike the water, we discovered the colors danced and moved!

 We learned about primary colors – red, blue, and yellow – and spent time exploring them further. What happens if we mix two primary colors? What happens if we mix more than two colors? We had ample opportunity to test our theories and find answers through various art explorations.

We used primary paints and mixed colors to create a color wheel. After we painted each section, we glued loose parts onto their appropriate section. 
We also explored a box of 64 crayons and determined which colors belonged where on the color wheel. It’s not always an easy determination when looking at a pinkish-purple or periwinkle crayon! 

 We spent time talking about the various shades of colors. We examined paint chips and worked to mix paint colors to show lighter and darker shades. 

We know that blue and yellow mixed together make green. We know that red and blue mixed together make purple. We learned that adding white or black can change the shade of a color. We took our learning and went on to create our very own colors. We mixed, tested, and mixed some more until our color was finished. After creating our very own color, we gave it a name. 
 All the while, we noticed the colors were changing all around us outside. We brought some of those colors in to explore and paint. 

 Throughout this exploration, we learned new vocabulary, answered questions we wondered about, tested our predictions, made beautiful art, and discovered just how much our world is full of color! 

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